Organic food and why we love it!

For us using Organic ingredients where possible is a no-brainer, this is due to the many ethical, health and environmental benefits. We feel passionately about approaching everything we consume with a certain degree of mindfulness and respect for both ingredients and body.

Our Vegan Caprese Sandwich uses purely organic ingredients.

Our Vegan Caprese Sandwich uses purely organic ingredients.

Firstly, when it comes to meat and diary, Organic livestock is treated in a more humane manner with guaranteed access to the outdoors and fed hormone and GMO free food. We feel strongly about treating animals with respect and enjoying food that comes cruelty free.

Secondly, Organic food uses fewer pesticides and toxic heavy metals such as cadmium which can accumulate in the liver and kidneys. They also do not use antibiotics or synthetic hormones, which the current use in agriculture is contributing to widespread resistance and links to cancer respectively.

Furthermore, Organic milk has multiple health benefits when compared to regular milk. Organic dairy cows are fed more grass than regular dairy cows, which have a largely corn based diet. This leads to the Organic dairy cows making milk with comparatively lower levels of Omega 6 fatty acids and higher levels of Omega 3. Omega 3 has anti-inflammatory properties, that counteract the acid build up from the break down of Omega 6 in the gut.

Lastly, Organic food production is also environmentally beneficial, as it:

reduces soil and water contamination from fertilisers and pesticides preserves local wildlife by avoiding toxic chemicals maintains ecosystem balance organic food tends to be grown locally therefore has a smaller carbon footprint

We understand that some people feel that despite all the benefits, Organic food is not affordable for many. However at The Little Things Coffee House, we aim to provide Organic food at an affordable price.

We feel everyone deserves access to the freshest and most nutritional food available, and not be charged a premium for it.