The Little Things Wine Club - Argentina

It was a cold and dark evening. Ice covered the pavement, the remains of snow covering the edges of the road. It had been a frosty few days, yet once I stepped through the doorway, the atmosphere of the Little Things melted off the chilly outside. Warmth saturated the room, both metaphorically and physically. The shop radiated with a warmth light and inviting atmosphere. A glass of bubbles was poured upon the guests’ arrival. Smiles shined throughout the room, the sound of excited chatter accompanying the Argentinian music playing in the background. One could escape the cold of outside into a separate world.

That Saturday night, inside the shop, we traveled to Argentina, presented with an array of wines from across the country. We traveled not only through drink, but also with an array of empanadas from a spiced beef to a creamy mushroom and leek. Each was carefully selected to accompany a wine, wines ranging from a fruit whites to deep, bitter reds.

Tim, a wine expert, led the group through the country with his wisdom, carefully describing the process of each wine, discussing the notes of each glass and the ideal pairings to best highlight the flavours. He spoke to the crowd in conversation, smiling and laughing as he showcased his expertise and passion for wine. Guest’s smiled and joked with one another, laughing and sharing in on the contagious passion in the room, carefully sniffing and sipping the various wines. The initial excitement of the evening continued into the night, with people growing more comfortable with one another and the laughter growing louder—whether due to the company or the wine is up to you to decide (likely a great combination of both).

Meanwhile, as guests took part of the main show—sipping wines and listening to Tim’s insight on the region, Jo and Celeste danced in backstage of the kitchen, carefully preparing the empanadas, which they had been practicing days in advance. They carefully brushed the pastries with egg wash, placed them into the oven at the carefully specified timings (in order to ensure they were hot and fresh for the attendees). They served them to the crowd with their own passion and joy, engaging and conversing with the group. You could see the passion they held for the event, their hard work paying off. They laughed and nibbled throughout the night, sipping wines at their own pace with smiles on their faces.

The evening went on for hours, the room eventually completing their range of wines, learning about Argentina through every sip and bite of food. Every every glass of wine and bite of food brought the room closer together. They journeyed the highs and the lows of the country, smiling and laughing throughout the trip, without ever stepping foot out of the country. The evening, filled with bubbles, giggles, warmth and empanadas, was one to remember.

Adelle Maisov