Open Mic Night

7 pm. The front stage peacefully set up their instruments, guitar cases laying on the tables, and chatter vibrating through the room. The back of the house prepped for the evening, carefully slicing lemons, limes, and various garnishes for their cocktail bar (preparation which may or may not have included an impromptu run through the streets with a cooler in order to grab ice from a neighbouring business…It’s all about connections). They lit candles, placed them on the tables, and organised glasses: The Little Things was ready.

Gradually, people began to stream in. With excitement evident on their faces, they approached the bar, engaged by the selection of drinks available. Some ordered beers, others glasses of wine. Others eyed the cocktail menu, ordering drinks which were then created before their eyes—ingredients carefully measured, shaken, and poured behind the busy bar. Joyfully, they grabbed their glass and took a seat, eager for the night to begin.

Music began vibrating through the room, starting with acoustic guitars but ranging from jazzy saxophone to energetic electric guitar. Voices accompanied the music, from emotional ballads to hits engaging the whole room in song. There were moments when the whole room stood silent, in awe of the music. The music connected the room, bonding people from both the local area and beyond.

You could look around the room and be completely unaware of which ones hid a secret talent. The shy person in the corner could the next minute stand in front of the crowd, sending jaws dropping. Applause would spread across the room, and the performers would smoothly transition from one set to the next.

Throughout the evening, people were in awe, encapsulated by the sound waves, and enjoying the crafted cocktails and drinks. They chatted, laughed, and sang along, ordering more drinks and enjoying themselves to the full. That Saturday night an open mic connected the town, spreading music through the streets of Egham, spreading celebration and enjoyment into the night.