– Winter Menu–

[ Featuring our Seasonal favorites ]




Smashed Avocado on Sourdough (v) £6.50

Avocado butter with chilli and lime on toasted sourdough bread with either a poached egg or crumbled feta.

Eggs on Toast (v) £5.50

Eggs your style on toasted brown seeded bread with a serving of butter.

Waffles (v) £5.50

Belgian waffles with agave syrup, fresh fruits and whipped cream. Ask for gluten-free option.

Cinnamon Oat Porridge (ve) £4.50

Big bowl of porridge with fresh fruit, agave syrup topped with cinnamon.

Yoghurt Pot (v/ve) £4.00

Coconut or Greek yoghurt on granola with fresh fruit, agave syrup, coconut sugar and raw cocoa nibs.

Chia Seed Pudding (ve) £4.00

Chia seed soaked in coconut milk with fresh fruit and agave syrup.

Pastry and Coffee (v) £4.00

Choose from our freshly baked pastries with a regular hot drink.


Add Avocado £1.00, Bacon £1.00, Cheese £1.00, Egg £0.50 (ea), Ham £1.00, Smoked Salmon £1.00, Yoghurt £1.50.
Our fresh fruit is seasonal so expect plums, apricots and/or blackberries for winter and strawberries, raspberries and blueberries for summer.


Warm Soup with Bread £4.50

Our soups are made with surplus ingredients from our orders so that they do not go to waste. Our wintry delights include butternut and coconut soup or cauliflower with truffle oil soup.

Homemade Pies £4.50

Our homemade pies a selection of chicken and mushroom, steak and ale, leek and gruyere.

Posh Jacket Potato £5.00

Sweet potato with a chilli.

Sandwiches £5.50

See our regular sandwich list on the right —>. Look out for our specials which are larger doorstop options for those that want a ‘proper’ lunch.

Salad bowls £4.00

Our salads like our soups are made from fresh ingredients from our orders. We occasionally have cous cous, quinoa and wild rice along with our vegetables.


Please see our daily specials boards for changes to the lunch menu.



Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon in cream cheese with lemon, dill and watercress.

Chicken & Avocado

Chicken and avocado in mayonnaise with lemon juice and freshly ground pepper.

Caribbean Tuna

Spicy tuna mayonnaise with cayenne pepper and spring onions.


Pastrami with sauerkraut, pickle and emmental cheese.


The classic egg and mayonaise or have it with eggs, tomato and lettuce.



Espresso £1.90 £2.10

Our house blend, Lyon Road from Shotyard Roasters uses beans from Guatamala, Brazil and El Salvador to produce notes of Chocolate, Vanilla and Peach.

Macchiato / Cortado £2.00 £2.20

Macchiato - Spot of milk in a single or double espresso shot. Cortado - Equal parts espresso and milk to reduce the acidity.

Americano / Long Black £2.20 £2.40

Just like how the G.Is liked it, an espresso topped with hot water. Have it black or with milk.

Cappuccino £2.70 £3.00

An espresso with thick steamed milk foam over it. Have it with a dash of chocolate or cinnamon.

Latte £2.70 £3.00

Caffe Latte, the original milk coffee is an espresso with steamed milk.

Flat White £2.70 £3.00

Velvety textured micro foam over espresso. Smaller than a latte but with a larger coffee to milk ratio.

Mocha £3.30

Our espresso blend with our single origin chocolate. Choose from milk chocolate, white chocolate or dark chocolate.

V60 Single Origin Drip Coffee £3.70

Enjoy our single origin dripped coffee filtered over a Hario V60.

Single Origin Hot Chocolate £3.30

Our milk chocolate come from Venezuela with 80% cocoa, our white chocolate from Dominican Republic with 90% cocoa and our dark (vegan) chocolate comes from Honduras with 54% cocoa. 

All our coffees are available hot or iced with skimmed, soy, almond, oat or coconut milk.


Tea £2.30

Award-winning organic tea from Joe’s. Our selection includes Ever So English Everyday, Earl of Grey, Queen of Green, Fiesty Turmeric Guru, Sweet Camomile, Proper Peppermint, Rest-Repeat Rooibus and Ever So English Decaf. Ask for a pot for £3.30.

Fresh Fruit Smoothie £2.20

Strawberry and banana, breakfast chocolate and green power, or make up your own from what we have. Add whey protein for £0.50

Orange Juice £2.20

Freshly squeezed orange juice to accompany the biggest of breakfasts.

Karma Cola, Lemony Lemonade and Gingerella £3.00

Fairtrade, organic and ethically sourced Karma Kola, leomande and ginger ale. It is what we are all about.

Sparkling or Still Water £1.30

DASH sparkling water, regular sparkling or still water.

Craft Lager, West Coast Pale Ale £4.00

Currently stocking the award-winning Renegade range from West Berkshire Brewery. Try the craft lager or west coast pale ale.

House Wine fr £5.50

We are currently compiling a list from our very own wine club. Ask for more information in shop.


Eggs Florentine with Homemade Hollandaise Sauce £6.95

Freshly made hollandaise sauce poured on poached eggs sitting on a bed of wilted spinach and a toasted muffin sprinkled with a dash of cayenne pepper. Make it a Benedict with some ham or a Royal with smoked salmon.

American Pancakes Stack with Blueberry and Lemon Compote £5.50

Two american pancakes with a homemade blueberry and lemon compote, creme fraiche and fresh fruits.

Roti Prata with Chana Dhal £5.50

Singaporean flatbread with a yellow lentil curry.

Virgin Bloody Mary £4.50

Tomato juice, celery, worcester sauce and our secret ingredient. Add a splash of alcohol if not on Dry January for £1.00.


Homemade recipes that we love sharing with the rest of Egham.


Cosmopolitan £6.95

vanilla vodka, triple sec, cranberry, lime

Strawberry Daiquiri £5.95

rum, strawberry, lime

Old Fashioned £7.95

bourbon whiskey, angostura bitters, brown sugar

Amaretto Sour £6.95

amaretto, lemon, brown sugar, egg white, angostura bitters

Bramble £6.95

gin, lemon, creme de mure, brown sugar

Caiprinha £6.95

cahaca, lime, brown sugar

Surrey Tea Party £11.95

vodka, tequila, rum, triple sec, gin, lemon, brown sugar, coke

Espresso Martini £7.95

shotyard espresso blend, vanilla vodka, kahlua

Garden Martini £7.95

hendriks gin, elderflower, lemon, cucumber

Pornstar Martini £7.95

vanilla vodka, passion fruit liquer, lime

Side Car £6.95

brandy, triple sec, lemon

Mojito £5.95

rum, mint, lime, brown sugar. soda water

Manhattan £6.95

bourbon whiskey, vermouth, angostura bitters

Martini £6.95

vodka/gin, vermouth

Margarita £5.95

tequila, triple sec, lime, agave syrup

We generally are open for Friday evenings and for our events on Saturday evenings. Always best to make a reservation at hello@thelittlethingscoffee.com.

As much as we try to cater to your dietary requirements, we are not an allergy-free kitchen, so please speak to a member of our team for more information on our ingredients and recipe list. Please call for a booking of more than 4 people. 020 3848 6812 | hello@thelittlethingscoffee.com